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Tan-Through Swimsuit

Tan-Through Swimsuit

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Say Goodbye to Tan Lines with Our Innovative Tan-Through Swimwear

Picture This: you're lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, and feeling fantastic in your tan-through swimsuit. No more awkward tan lines or having to constantly adjust your straps. The innovative fabric allows the sun's rays to penetrate evenly, leaving you with a flawless, all-over glow. As you stand up to take a dip, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the water - your skin looks sun-kissed and radiant, as if you've spent hours basking in the sun's warmth. The tan-through swimsuit has revolutionized your sunbathing experience, allowing you to achieve that perfect, natural-looking tan without compromising on style or comfort.


Quick-Dry: Comfort, Health

Experience the bliss of our unique, opaque swimwear that dries up to seven times faster than traditional swimsuits, drastically reducing your UTI risk.

Comfortable Fit

Embrace the perfect balance of comfort and style with our light core compression swimwear, designed to flatter your figure while providing all-day wearability.

Style Meets Functionality

Experience the perfect combination of practicality and chic design, making it suitable for various occasions, from beach to bar.



My New Swimwear Favorite❤️

Absolutely thrilled with this swimsuit! The no-tan-line promise held up perfectly during my beach day. It's incredibly comfortable and stays in place while swimming. I'll definitely be wearing this all summer long.

Amelia T.


No more tan-lines🫶

Impressed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this swimsuit. Not only does it deliver on the no-tan-line claim, but it also fits like a glove and looks fabulous. Finally, a swimsuit that lets me soak up the sun without worrying about tan lines!

Sofia R.


Skeptical at first...

I was a little skeptical at first after i saw this on Pinterest, but I decided to give it a go and it was the best decision. Literally it works perfectly, no more tan lines and feels soo good on my skin🫶

Sarah E.



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