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Spinning Pen

Spinning Pen

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Ease your ADHD with countless hours of spinning fun!

Is your work often tedious, mundane, or extremely boring? Do you find yourself daydreaming and staring into space, while your work remains undone? Introducing the Spinning Pen!

No More Boredom at Work!

More than just a writing tool, the Spinning Pen brings fun with vibrant LED lights, a relaxing spinning feature, and the ability to roll the pen.

This one-of-a-kind tool is indispensable when you need to get your work finished by the deadline. It will help you refocus and stay productive. This pen features an innovative spinning mechanism that allows you to spin it while simultaneously writing down your ideas and to-do list. Not only will this fun gadget keep your thoughts on track, but there is a bright LED light that will make you want to show it off! Light it up while it's spinning, push it lightly into a surface to have it roll back to you, and spin to your heart's content, all while allowing you to remain productive and finish your daily tasks.


Enhance focus: For people who suffer from ADD, the Fidget Spinner Pen is a game changer. The spinning feature aids in enhancing focus and delivering a relaxing user experience.

Cure boredom: Tired of snooze fest meetings and classes? Say hello to your new favorite pen!

LED lights: The bright lights will help capture your attention.

Spinning feature: Bring back your focus with this fidget spinning pen.

Wheels: Gently push the pen into a surface and watch it roll back to you.

On-the-go: Its compact, lightweight design, means you can carry it anywhere, meaning stress relief is always at your fingertips.

Super quiet: Spin to your heart's content without making a sound!

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