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Paw Print Stamp Pads 5$ TODAY ONLY

Paw Print Stamp Pads 5$ TODAY ONLY

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Capture those once in a lifetime moments of your Dog, Cat, Puppy & Kitten's prints forever, with this Paw Print Stamp Pads. It's easy, clean and mess free. One press is all you need! This makes for the perfect gift and is available in 4 colors and 2 sizes.


  • User Friendly
  • Suitable for all Cats & Dogs!
  • Ensures that Pet's Paws never touches the ink
  • Clean & Safe for Your Pet
  • Produces clarity and detail
  • Able to preserve for the long haul
  • Strong ink absorbency with no smear


Capture a pawprint by gently pressing the paw onto the ink pad using standard paper or card stock. The ink pad can be used 3-5 times, so you get several chances to capture the perfect print.

The Paw Print Stamp Pads are acid-free and puppy and kitten safe. Use new Clean Touch ink pads over the years to capture the paw print as your puppy or kitten grows

Designed to easily stamp paw prints without getting ink on your fur baby or your floors and furniture

Each set of Paw Print Stamp Pads kit contains 1 "No Mess" Ink Pad and 2 Cardboards

Material: Printing Oil


    • Regular Size Paw Print Stamp Pads: 3.75" H x 2.25" W
    • Plus Size Paw Print Stamp Pads: 4.725" H x 2.95" W


Capture your beloved pet's print without creating a mess or getting ink on their paw! These Paw Print Stamp Pads let you create a perfect stamp of their paw with no cleanup. You don't have to wash their paw or worry about ink staining your carpet.


Simply place your animal's paw on the clean-touch side of the pad and gently press down to transfer a perfect print to any piece of paper or card stock. The specially designed film on the ink pad holds ink on just one side, so you can get your print without your pet coming into contact with the ink.


Whether you want to capture the prints for your new kitten or your St. Bernard, this mess-free ink pad will make it easy to create a special memory.

Plus Size Paw Print Pad

Please measure your pet's paw with the Paw Sizing Chart below. For medium to large breed dogs with paw size larger than 3.75" in length, kindly purchase the Plus Size Paw Print Stamp Pads.


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