Orthotic Sports Shoe Insoles

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Size (US): 5-6

Go farther miles with not a single stress or foot pain with these shock-absorbing orthotic sports shoe insoles!

A podiatrist approved shoe inserts that promote maximum support and protection against all stress and pressure from the feet. Allowing them to successfully absorb the shock that comes from hitting the ground when moving around or standing still for prolonged time. Moreover, these fillers also offer an arch support that fits naturally to the foot’s curve and deepened u-groove heel area. Providing your feet an immediate relief to all discomfort and pain while keeping your heel naturally stable with an improved posture. The perfect companions for sports, running, jogging, cycling, hiking, standing, travel, and other activities with high levels of foot impact.

This pair of protective orthotic insoles boasts a cloud-like, extra soft cushioning that allows every step super comfortable and strain-free. Both fillers adopt an excellent breathability and sweat-absorbing qualities that helps to keep your toes fresh, dry, and odorless all day. The fine cushioning sports insoles supply a multiple-sizes-in-one design that can be easily trimmed to your perfect fitting. Suitable for different footwear sizes and types, including running shoes, duty boots, uniform dress shoes, sports shoes, boots, heels, cycling shoes, training shoes, and such. Made with premium materials that boasts a long-term service of usage without deforming and damaging.

Make every walk of your day a comfortable and pain-free one using these shock-absorbing orthotic sports shoe insoles!


Maximum Foot Protection: A pair of fine orthopedic shoe inserts that is expertly designed with excellent shock-absorbing qualities and an overall extra support. This pair can naturally draw in all types of pressure from the foot as it hits the ground when you move or stand and successfully minimize them into nothing. Eliminating the undesired stress, strain, or flare ups on the whole feet, ankle, joints, and legs that they received especially after a prolonged period. These shoe insoles can even prevent possible injuries and help to provide instant relief for those experiencing foot fatigue, pain, and suffering from plantar fasciitis. Making them great protective companions for sports, walking, leisure, jogging, cycling, hiking, exercise, training, dancing, long standing, travel, military service, and such.

High-Comfort Wearing: These protective fillers provide the best super-soft, extra thickened cushioning that effectively reduces all the load on the foot for that optimal comfort experience. Allowing you to literally feel like you were walking on clouds anytime even on the hardest of floors or pavements. Both inserts also come with remarkable rebound and elastic performance to avoid movement restrictions and makes walking, running, and other activities even easier and safer. No worries as these shoe insoles are completely sweat-absorbing and are well-breathable to ensure better air circulation. It enables you to keep your feet nicely fresh, dry, and odor-free even after a long-day of tiring activities.

U-Groove Design: The orthotic sports insoles feature 1.2 inches deepened heel area that are designed in a unique u-groove shape. These inserts can envelop the heel lovingly and protectively while keeping them stable as you move around or simply stand. They even adopt a protruded, ergonomic arch support that fits naturally to the foot’s curve which also assists to soothe stress. What’s more? The protective insoles are also an excellent assistant in improving foot posture even as you walk or stay standing thanks to their groove and shape design.

Multiple Sizes In One: These shock-absorbing shoe fillers can be easily trimmed using scissors to fit according and comfortably to your ideal size. They even have convenient lining at the back that you can follow for a neat and precise cutting. Suitable for different footwear sizes and types, including running shoes, duty boots, uniform dress shoes, sports shoes, boots, high-cut, heels, leather shoes, cycling shoes, training shoes, and more possibilities. These versatile shoe inserts do not create any tightness into the shoes to ensure that you can still freely move and stay comfortable all day and night long. Moreover, they supply a non-slip base that seriously grips inside any footwear without budging and keeping the feet safe from painfully sliding.

Premium Quality: Made of high-quality, skin-friendly EVA materials, sweat-absorbing velvet and memory foam cushioning with exceptional wear-resistant and protective abilities. This orthotic pair of inserts can withstand long years of everyday stress without deforming and damaging. Furthermore, they can be confidently placed inside any footwear and removed anytime with no scratches or harm left behind.



  • US size 5-6
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  • US size 8.5-9
  • US size 9.5-10
  • US size 11-12
  • US size 13-14


1 Pair x Orthotic Sports Shoe Insoles