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Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

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Upgrade your cleaning routine with the exceptional water-absorbent properties of the Twist Pile Microfiber Cloth.


Innovative Fabric: Among all types of towels, this microfiber cloth stands out for its fast water absorption. Its unique weave allows it to quickly absorb water, making it an exceptional choice for drying.

Efficient Water Removal: Quickly remove water residues from larger surfaces, saving the use of towels and improving the efficiency of water removal. The design optimizes water spreading across the cloth on contact, improving the rate of absorption exponentially.

Powerful Absorption: Engineered for superior water retention, this cloth excels at absorbing moisture from surfaces. The construction ensures efficient water absorption, which facilitates thorough drying.

Instant Residue Removal: With a twistable microfiber design, it instantly captures and eliminates water residue. The cloth leaves no marks or lint, ensuring a clean and polished finish.

Durable and Reusable: This cloth's premium quality guarantees durability. It resists shedding and can be wrung out and washed repeatedly, maintaining its high-performance water absorption over time.

Double-Sided Efficiency: One side has a double-sided design and has long pile fibers for maximum water absorption, while the other side is a grid pattern suitable for cleaning glass and achieving superior cleanliness.


Material: Microfibre
Color: Black


1 x Microfiber Cloth


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