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Manila Table

Manila Table

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A precious limited edition minimalist style stone table made of white marble can be a stunning centerpiece in any home. The use of natural stone material adds a sense of elegance and luxury to the table, while the minimalist design gives it a modern and sophisticated look. The white marble provides a clean and classic aesthetic, making it versatile enough to fit in with a variety of decor styles.

As a limited edition piece, it can also add a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness to the space. The durability of the marble material ensures that the table will last for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner or interior designer. Overall, a precious limited edition minimalist style stone table in white marble can be a beautiful and timeless addition to any home or living space.

measures : 70 cm diameter x 33 cm height or 80 cm diameter x 33 height.

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