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Hair Removal Spray 5$ TODAY ONLY

Hair Removal Spray 5$ TODAY ONLY

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Enjoy the luxury of smooth and hairless skin with the innovative "Honey Mousse Hair Removal Spray". This revolutionary hair removal product offers a safe and effective solution to removing unwanted hair without burning or skin damage. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of shaving or trimming and enjoy a painless and caring hair removal experience.


Perfectly Clean & Traceless Hair Removal: Honey Mousse Hair Removal Spray offers a flawless hair removal process that leaves no traces or irritation on the skin. It gently removes unwanted hair on different parts of the body such as face, arms, legs, armpits, feet, back and bikini line without damaging the skin.

Gentle and Mild: This spray contains skin-softening beeswax and nourishing plant extracts that nourish and moisturize the skin after hair removal. Experience soft and hydrated skin like never before.

Inhibits Hair Growth: The unique formula inhibits hair growth, weakening and breaking it at the root. This slows down the regrowth process so you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for weeks.

Easy And Effortless Application: With its easy-to-use spray design, applying the Honey Mousse hair removal spray is a breeze. Experience painless hair removal without damaging your pores or causing irritation.


Step 1: Shake the bottle and squeeze the spout.

Step 2: Distribute the spray evenly over the area to be depilated. Leave the spray on for 5-8 minutes and gently test a small area of ​​body hair with a scraper. If it has fallen out, it can be shaved. (If the body hair isn't falling out, leave the spray on for a few more minutes, as long as it doesn't last more than 12 minutes).


Material: Beeswax, Maltose, Glycerin
Net Content: 1 fl oz/3.3 fl oz


1 x Hair Removal Spray


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