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PLANETARIUM PROJECTOR: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos as thousands of stars, nebulae, and galaxies dance across your walls and ceiling. Easy to use and features adjustable brightness and color settings, this projector brings the wonders of the universe right into your home.

12 DIFFERENT EFFECTS: With a selection of 12 high-definition film discs featuring captivating effects such as the Solar System, Earth, Moon and various galaxies including Andromeda, this space projector delivers vibrant projections of celestial bodies and nebulae, immersing viewers in a mesmerizing world of cosmic wonders.

HD PROJECTION WITH ADJUSTABLE FOCUS: Fine-tune the focus of the galaxy light projector by rotating the focusing head for clear and realistic imaging. The high-precision lens creates a lifelike starry sky projection, transporting you to outer space and unlocking inner peace as you gaze at the stars.

360° ROTATION: Adjust it to any angle you want easily and the projection focal length of 6.56-13.12ft with the film disc, allowing the starry sky projector to cover the entire room's ceiling or wall. Bring the universe home and immerse yourself in a room filled with stars and moonlight, creating an enchanting atmosphere as if you're lying under the stars.

TIMER SWITCH: GalacticGaze operates quietly and produces no noise. Besides, you can set the timer to 1, 2, or 4 hours (by default) in which case the LED star night light projector will automatically turn off when you fall asleep under a starry sky. 

✔ ENERGY-EFFICIENT: Enjoy hours of celestial magic without worrying about energy consumption. It features energy-efficient LED technology, providing stunning visuals while conserving power for eco-conscious operation. 


Size: 5.7"(L) x 4.6"(W) x 4.9"(H)
Weight: 18.7oz
Light Source Type: LED
Voltage: 5V
Type of Material: ABS


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