Face Tracking Phone Holder

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Simplifying Content Creation: Save time and Effort by Focusing on your performance or activity rather than worrying about camera angles.

Hands Free Operation: Usefull for Vlogging, Live Streaming, Capturing dynamic moments while moving, capture your surroundings without physically handling the phone.

Smooth and Professional Video Recording: AI Face Tracking Technology ensures that the camera consistently follows the user's face.

Versatility with Different Activities: Users engaged in activities that involve movement, such as cooking, sports, dance, or fitness routines, can benefit from the automatic face tracking feature, ensuring that the camera remains focused on them regardless of their location or actions.



  • 360° Rotation
  • No App Required
  • Tripod Compatibility
  • Portrait and Landscape Mode
  • 8hr Battery life
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Hands-Free Operation

The automatic face tracking ensures that the camera consistently follows the user's face, providing a professional and polished look to video recordings or streams without physically handling the phone.

Enhanced User Engagement

Face tracking keeps the subject centered in the frame, promoting better engagement with viewers. This is especially valuable for content creators who want to maintain eye contact with their audience or capture expressive moments without worrying about camera positioning.

Optimized Selfies and Group Photos

The face-tracking feature ensures that users are perfectly framed in selfies or group photos, eliminating the need for timers or asking someone else to take the picture. This results in well-composed and visually appealing shots.