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Elegant Willow Vine

Elegant Willow Vine

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Transform Any Room!

Are you tired of your same old boring room that doesn't have any dimension? Looking for a statement piece? Wish you could bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home? The Elegant Willow Vine will leave you in awe!

Easy to Install

Simply shape the vine on your wall to create the design and feel for your space. You can shape it on the wall, over a doorway, over your bed, between cabinets, any way you like! Try one way, and then reshape again when you need a redesign.

Change the Mood

The before and after about how you and others will feel about your space is instant! This is truly an instant gratification product as soon as you put the lights in! Turn your dark, dingy space into a warm and inviting one!

Lowest Cost Upgrade You Will Find

Lighting is the #1 easiest way to upgrade your space with little cost and effort. You may want to upgrade your space with new cabinets or new paint (until you get quotes on the cost)! With the current and projected continuation of the economic downturn for the next 1-2 years, you may want to save your money but still want to upgrade your space. This is the easiest way to give your ENTIRE space a whole new look than less than a night out for dinner!

Unique Design and Atmosphere

This one product will keep you creative and help you create the atmosphere you've always wanted! Want a relaxing vibe before bed? Looking to be inspired during a study session? How about a warm glow in the morning near your coffee nook? Whatever your heart desires, you can create!


Length: 7.5ft
Approximately 140 bulbs
Material: PVC shell


1 x Elegant Willow Vine


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