Car Silicone Door Latch Protective Cover

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High-Quality Material - The silicone door latch protective cover is made of silicone material, silent and noise-reducing, reducing abnormal noise, dust-proof and rust-proof, not only beautiful and upgraded, but also has good functions.  It is very wear-resistant, not afraid of high temperatures, resists aging and prevents rust. Compared to other door lock covers made of plastic, it is more durable and provides a better appearance to the car.

Advantages - High-quality silicone material, strong pull invariance, strong toughness, elastic enough to fold at will, bend without deformation, protect the car lock, reduce the closing buffer force, reduce the impact sound of the door switch, tight and tight, comprehensive protection, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion Rust, effectively protects the door locks and avoids rust and corrosion caused by rain. The original car is molded with 1:1 data and closely fits the original car.

Protective Lock - The original car door lock has no protection, no bright spots, is easily scratched, rusted and aged, and will affect the smoothness of the door over time. The purpose of this product is also to protect your car, enhance its quality, prevent rust and corrosion, and improve its quality.

Easy To Install - Easy to install, no damage to the original car - This car door lock is very easy to install, does not require drilling, and will not damage your car. Before installation, please clean the car installation area to ensure it is dry and dust-free to make the adhesive more sticky. Peel off the adhesive on the back of the product, apply it and press it tightly, and the installation can be completed quickly and easily.


Material: High-quality silicone
Weight: 0.4lbs/4PCS
Function: Silent, shock-absorbing, rust-proof
Size: As Shown


1 Set (4 pieces) x Car Silicone Door Latch Protective Cover