Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Style: Aromatherapy Machine + Essential Oil (Lavender)

Poor indoor air quality can greatly impact your sleep. Eliminate unpleasant odors from pets and create a fresher atmosphere with our Automatic Aromatherapy Diffuser!


Our Automatic Aromatherapy Diffuser is meticulously designed to fill your spaces with the purest fragrances nature has to offer.

By diffusing deodorizing essential oils, promoting better sleep with calming scents, and creating a desired atmosphere with customizable fragrances.

The Vertical Spray feature enhances aroma diffusion, reaching far and wide into every corner of your room. The focused spray nozzle sends a column of fragrance into the air for wider dispersion. This vertical spray system eliminates any discomfort of direct facial sprays.

No wall damage, compact design, and long-lasting fragrance for an enhanced aromatherapy experience.

With its One Screen Smart Display, you can easily view and adjust your fragrance settings. The transparent interface makes it easy to understand the scent levels at a glance.


Noise: below 36dB
Color: as shown


1 x Aromatherapy Diffuser + Essential Oil