Adhesive Cabinet Support Pegs

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Keep your shelf perfectly balanced and upright using this self-adhesive shelf partition support bracket!

A heavy-duty shelf bracket designed in an L-shaped style with widened support area and an in-built double triangular protection. Featuring a 0.3in thickened, powerful adhesive and high strength qualities that can bear up to a maximum 3 gallons of water without issues. It enables you to effortlessly provide extra stability and security to keep your shelf totally upright even under weighty loads or lighter loads. Saving you from the common shelf issues like breaking, falling off, getting lopsided, and other possible damages. No worries as it adopts an easy peel-and-stick installation so you can just mount the bracket accordingly in place without drillings anymore! 

This self-adhesive shelf support can securely hold on different surface materials like glass, marble, ceramic tile, metal, and such. It is also sturdy yet still thin enough to fit through the shelf partition and supplies additional support. Perfect for bookshelves, food pantry cabinet, closet, wine shelves, kitchen cabinet, collector display shelf, mug display shelf, decor shelf, and so much more. The support bracket can even be used to customize your shelf and create multiple partitions for optimal storing effect. Made with premium, rust-resistant materials that guarantees a long-lasting everyday usage without damaging and losing adhesiveness. 

Give even the heaviest of shelving loads a stable support with this self-adhesive shelf partition support bracket!


Secured and Stable Support: An expertly-crafted shelf support featuring beautifully L-shaped style with an upgraded 1.9*1.1in size and extra 0.1in thick double triangular support. Delivering you much better maximum security and widened support area unlike with the standard bracket. Making it the best additional support for keeping your shelves perfectly stable and upright at all times. Eliminating the risk and worries of your shelf partition bending down, breaking, falling off, and getting lopsided due to holding heavy weight.

Powerful Load-Bearing Capacity: Comes with a sturdy back plate and 0.3in thickened and stronger back adhesive. Allowing it to securely hold onto different flat surface types, including glass, marble, ceramic tile, metal, and so on. It also boasts high compressive strength and an excellent load-bearing performance that can effortlessly support heavy loads as well as lighter loads with no issues. Preventing it from damaging, snapping, deformation, and other possible breakage. Great for supporting shelving for clothes, food, wine, bottles, tablewares, toys, canned goods, books, collection items, and so much more.

Easy No-Drill Installation: The shelf partition support can be effortlessly installed in a breeze without any more complicated tools, damaging drillings, and punching methods. Simply wipe the area your mounting on clean and dry first, peel-off the protective adhesive film behind, stick it onto both the left and right end corner of the shelf support panel, and done. No worries as you can install as many or less brackets depending on your needs and the weight that you need to support on. The bracket is also ideal for customizing your shelf and creating a multi-partition compartment style for maximum storing.

Wide Application: Can effectively hold onto different shelf designs and is thin enough to fit through the partition. It adopts a convenient transparent design which enables it to seamlessly blend against any shelf color and decor. It can successfully provide support while remaining low-key to the eyes to avoid it from looking awkwardly out of place. Suitable for creating a stable support for bookshelves, food pantry cabinet, closet, wine shelves, kitchen cabinet, collector display shelf, mug display shelf, decor shelf, and more possibilities. The shelf bracket can be smoothly removed any time without leaving damages, marks, and sticky residues.

Premium Quality: Made of highest-grade, non-toxic toughened PP plastic and acrylic material with superior load-bearing support and long-lasting adhesion. It can hold up to a maximum 3 gallons of water and withstand multiple years of heavy usage without wearing-off and losing stickiness. Moreover, this self-adhesive shelf partition support bracket does not leach off harmful chemical fumes to ensure overall safety and health.


Material: PP plastic
Size: 2.7x2.7 in


1 Set (4 Pieces) x Adhesive Cabinet Support Pegs