24 in 1 Screwdriver Set

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Style: 👋Manual Model👋

Unleash the power of precision with our 24 in 1 Screwdriver Set, your go-to tool for tackling intricate tasks with ease and efficiency.


Built-in Strong Magnet: Equipped with a strong magnet for easy pulling and insertion, ensuring that small screws adhere to the magnetic conduction of the batch head effortlessly. Ideal for delicate tasks such as taking apart electronics.

360° Rotary Cap: The rotary cap provides precise control and allows for easy one-hand operation, enhancing the efficiency of your work.

Aluminum Alloy Handle: Crafted with an aluminum alloy handle for comfortable use and a non-slip grip. The ergonomic design ensures a pleasant and fatigue-free experience during extended use.

Magnetic Holder: The magnetic holder facilitates the easy replacement and changing of bits, enhancing the versatility of the screwdriver set.

Magnetic Tips: Magnetic tips with increased magnetism ensure a strong suction grip on the batch head, making it convenient for tasks that require precision.

24 Precision Screwdriver Bit: The set includes 24 precision screwdriver bits, carefully selected to match a wide variety of electronic equipment screws available in the market.


Surface Treatment: Phosphate nickel plating
Screwdriver Material: Carbon steel
Screwdriver Shaft Material: Chrome vanadium

👋Manual model👋

🔋Electric model🔋

In addition, we also offer a 57-in-1 screwdriver set!

Mini and Portable Design: The mini electric screwdriver has the shape of a pen. The handle has a circular surface, which makes it difficult to slip, which makes the electric precision screwdrivers better under control during the work and the grip is more comfortable. Both the cover and the handle of the screwdriver are made of gray aluminum alloy.

57-IN-1 For Many Purposes: This precise electric screwdriver set is equipped with 57 different types of S2 steel bits and 1 type C USB cable, which can be used to assemble and dismantle most electronic products, small household appliances, computers, mobile telephones, Macbook, iPad, horloges, laptops, camera's, drones, the clock, the glasses, horloges, speelgoed, modelen, etc.

Battery with long life: Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery of 260 mAh.

Here we present you the 11-in-1/36-in-1/68-in-1 screwdriver set (electric model)!!

Mini- a Portable Design: The shape of our mini electric screwdriver looks like a pen. The handle has a circular curved surface and does not slide easily, which gives you better control over the electric precision screwdrivers during work, while making the grip more comfortable.

Push-Pop-Up Design a Magnetic Display: The cover of the precision screwdriver set has a push-pop-up design, which is very handy if the casing is opened or closed.

Battery With Long Life: Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery of 350 mAh, the charging time is less than 60 minutes. Can be used for 90 minutes continuously worden gebruikt en 90 dagen stand-by.

11-in-1/36-in-1/68-in-1: This electric precision screwdriver set is available in three styles to meet your needs. Helped u bij het monteren en demoteren van de meest elektronische producten, perfect voor mens die van elektronische apparaten houden.


1 x Screwdriver Set