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Maira Stool

Maira Stool

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beautiful stool with a shape of tooth similar in appearance, but also comes from a period of thinking triggered by wisdom teeth. According to the definition of "wisdom", the period when wisdom teeth appear is generally in adulthood, which indicates that you have enough "wisdom" to become an independent person.But the reality is that wisdom teeth are not popular. With the development of modern farming technology, people no longer need so many teeth to chew food, and wisdom teeth have become superfluous. Long wisdom teeth are accompanied by gum inflammation, swelling and pain, which need to be removed urgently. In the rapid development of modern society, "wisdom" seems to have been reduced to wisdom teeth. It is superfluous, ironic and helpless. With this in mind, the designer created Tooth Stool.


Measure  Size W600xL450xH430 mm

The Piece of art This collection is handcrafted in Glass fiber reinforced plastic, each product is a piece of art with which to elevate the design of your home. Let yourself fall in love with this sublime limited edition collection made manually by artisans.

size : W750 X D1000 X H780 mm

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