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Maira Black Mirror

Maira Black Mirror

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Beautiful sculpture mirror made in Glass fiber reinforced plastic.the knead mirror retains the manual traces of kneading clay, and restores the aesthetic and emotions of creation by hand-polished resin fibers. At the same time, the shape is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and the bottom is beveled to ensure the stability of placement against the wall. When we designed the exhibition hall, we found that the mirror was an indispensable part. Just as people tend to pursue not only practicality, but also unique aesthetics and spirit, mirrors are not only for reflecting appearance, but also for important works of art in space. Knead mirror can add fun and beauty to any space, whether it's placed in clothing. Shop or own home, can present the user's aesthetic and personality


Measure W800xT220xH1930mm

The Piece of art This collection is handcrafted in Glass fiber reinforced plastic, each product is a piece of art with which to elevate the design of your home. Let yourself fall in love with this sublime limited edition collection made manually by artisans.

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