Hanging Table Tennis Trainer Set

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Animal: Rabbit
Type: 3 table tennis balls
Hanging Ping-pong trainer rebound is a very useful product for exercising, it can help children stay away from the TV and useless electromagnetic games. It also helps the whole family to exercise together at home. Have fun with your team.

Table tennis self-training meets the needs of different heights. Even without a table, you can practice table tennis anytime, anywhere. The height is adjustable, so adults and children can play.

Playing table tennis can exercise the eye muscles, increase the tension of the muscles, let them relax and contract, and to a certain extent prevent children from the harm of electronic products.

Suitable for children, youth, middle age, and old age. Start your ping-pong journey anytime, anywhere.

Do you often worry about this?
It allows us to play it anytime, even alone, especially when the work is stressful, it's really good to release the pressure.


Exercise body coordination: Hanging Table Tennis Trainer Set will exercise your catching skills as well as reflexes, and eye-hand coordination. It is a very useful product for exercising, it can help children stay away from the TV.
Material safety is a priority: This indoor suspended table tennis trainer is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, very safe, you can use it without any worry. Start your table tennis journey anytime, anywhere.
Great Gift: Our bouncy ball toys can also be used as very decent gifts for kids' birthday parties, Christmas or family gatherings or any other important occasion.

Quick Adjustment: This indoor suspension toy can quickly adjust the line length by pressing and rotating, allowing you to practice without the limitation of the venue.
This elastic flexible shaft portable table tennis trainer does not require a table, suitable for beginners; easy to install and use, it is the best coach for training. It comes in two styles and has extremely convenient installation tips.


1 x Hanging Table Tennis Trainer Set