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Body Measuring Tape

Body Measuring Tape

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Make a quick and accurate body measurement with just a simple press using this self-retracting body measuring tape!

A soft tape body measuring device which boasts an innovative pin-lock and retractable push-button function. Allowing you to fit the tape snugly and effortlessly measure it around to the curvature of the body with perfect accuracy without assistance! Ideal for arms, waist, chest, hips, legs, wrist, calf, thigh, ankles, head, stomach, and so on. The measuring tape adopts large, easy-to-read number prints for quick and precise measurement anytime. Making it the best helper for racking weight loss, muscle gain, clothing sizes, and even for health diagnosis. Simply measure it around the body, lock the pin, press to retract, read the measurement, and done!

This self-retracting measurement tape supports a one-handed functionality and a non-slip, ergonomic handle for a secured gripping. It does not contain any harmful materials to ensure that it can be used for measurement without scratching the skin or snagging clothes. What’s more? The body measuring tape is lightweight and small enough to be easily tote around and deliver you accurate readings anytime, anywhere! Great for tailor, weight trainers, health professionals, nurses, fitness enthusiasts, handcrafts, clothes designer, online shopper, and more. Made with soft tape and durable case material that promises to withstand drops and years of usage!  

Keep track of your body size and fitness progress with this self-retracting body measuring tape!


Precise Full Body Measuring: A handy measuring tape that is specially designed with a soft ruler to deliver you accurate readings of your body circumference. Featuring a smart pin-lock and a retractable push-button measuring function that allows it to automatically return back into the slot with just a single press. It enables you to effortlessly calculate even around the curves of your body with nice, snug fitting and preciseness without the need for assistance anymore! Making it a great tool for tracking weight loss and muscle gain during your fitness journey or simply for taking your size for clothes and health diagnosis. Suitable for measuring arms, waist, chest, hips, legs, wrist, calf, thigh, ankles, head, stomach especially for pregnancy checkup, and more possibilities.

Ergonomic Design: Comes in 2 unit markings, including inches and centimeters. It also provides a clear and large measurement print that lets you easily read the exact sizing in a glance without confusion or having to squint anymore. Moreover, the measuring tape adopts a one-handed functionality and a non-slip handle that fits comfortably in the hand. Providing you secured gripping and an easy, maximum maneuverability even as you measure on hard to reach body parts. Simply put it around your body that needed measuring, lock the pin on the slot, press the button to retract and supply a snug fit measurement, read on the measurement, and done.

Widely-Used Measuring Tape: The automatic body measuring tape can work perfectly for different projects that need accurate measuring. A great assistant for your regular measurement, tailor, weight trainers, health professionals, nurses, fitness enthusiasts, handcrafts, clothes designer,  and even for when you're online shopping. No worries as it has a deliberate 5cm longer design so you can insert the pin to the groove to lock and measure confidently without the need for adjustment anymore.

Highly Portable: Super lightweight and it has a mini, slim size. It can be neatly stored inside drawers, sewing kit or be conveniently tote around without taking up too much space. Furthermore, the measuring tape comes with a smooth, noiseless retracting mechanism so you can freely use it anytime, anywhere. Perfect for different at-home body measurement needs, gym, clinics, school, sewing workroom, and so much more.   

Premium Quality: Made of high-quality soft tape and sturdy fiberglass body case with an excellent one-push, quiet retracting mechanism and easy-to-read print. It has maximum durability that can handle multiple accidental drops and years of regular measurement without damaging and fading print quality. Additionally, this self-retracting body measuring tape does not contain any harmful materials. It ensures that you can use it around the body with not a single scratch on your skin or causing snagging on clothes.


Material: PP
Size: 2.1x3.5x0.7in
Color: White / Mint / Pink / Blue


1 x Body Measuring Tape


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