Wall Protective Film

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Really useful!!!😍 Say goodbye to greasy stains and stains on your walls forever!

This product is made of transparent synthetic resin environmental protection degradable material. It doesn't use glue, and it sticks using electrostatic adsorption. The cut product can be adsorbed directly on the wall, and it can be adjusted repeatedly without damaging the wall paint.

The surface layer added polymer material strengthens the wear resistance and dirt resistance of the film, can effectively prevent dirt, scratch resistance, anti-scratch and other characteristics.

Easy to clean you can use a towel to wipe the oil lightly and it will be clean instantly. The benefits of using this material include scratch-proofing, all while preserving the original appearance of the wall, this whiteboard can be used as a graffiti wall for children, and can be erased at will when drawing with a whiteboard pen. It is also easy to replace if needed.

Preserve your kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining room flat walls, transparent (does not affect interior decoration), glossy, oil resistant, waterproof, thick, easy to use, excellent heat resistance, spill-resistant, dirt resistant, grease resistant, salt and oil resistant, shelf liner, dog and cat wall protector; it will blend perfectly with your home decor and will not fade.

Paste Method: No Glue Stick
Product Material: Eco-friendly Synthetic Resin
Product Size: 17.72*78.74 inch
Package: 1 x Wall Protective Film