Sausage Turning BBQ Tongs

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No more struggle in cooking and flipping your favorite sausage meat using this easy-turn grill sausage tong!

This handy sausage tong comes with a special rotating wheel-style head that can easily grip, lift, and even swiftly flip the food with optimal control. It can also firmly hold your food so you can cook and maneuver it around without the risk of slipping and completely falling off. Allowing you to grill your sausage snack like a pro anytime whether for at-home meal prep, BBQ night, camping, swimmings, restaurant, backyard grilling, and so on. No worries as the easy-turn grill tong can stay perfectly stable when just held to prevent them from constantly turning when not needed. Perfect for when you transfer food from one place to another with so much ease and secureness.

The turning grill tong can be also confidently used without causing unwanted damage on the food to keep them on their tip top condition. Suitable for grilling sausages, hotdogs, corncob, steaks, kebabs, skewers, chicken, big meat portions or a chunk of small meat, barbeque, and so on. It is super light in the hands and even boasts a non-slip, ergonomic design for better comfort and maximum maneuverability. What’s more? This grill tong has a lengthened, heat-resistant handle to keep your hand at a safe distance from the fire and protected from getting burnt. Made with durable, food-grade stainless steel that guarantees to withstand daily usage and washes without damaging. 

Handle any hot food safely with ease and grill like a pro with this easy-turn sausage tong!


Easy Food Turning - A high-performance grilling tong that is specially-designed with an innovative rotating wheel-style head to boast maximum maneuverability. Allowing you to effectively grip, lift, and turn your sausage around like a pro with so much ease and swiftness. Saving you from the worries of getting your food burnt, underdone, and not evenly grilled due to the difficulty of handling and flipping. What’s more? This sausage tong also provides added precision so you can lift and turn anytime for both bigger and smaller items with no issues. Perfect not only for maneuvering your favorite sausage snack, but also for easily transferring it onto and off of the grill.  

Strong and Stable Hold - This sausage turning tong promotes an amazing gripping quality that can securely get and handle your food in a breeze without constantly slipping out from its grasp. It also enables you to confidently turn sausages without them flying off and falling on the floor. Suitable for grilling and easily turning even for those slippery meats or oily food that other tongs can’t handle. No worries as its strong hold still ensures that it won’t cause any piercing or tearing on the food to keep them nicely-cooked and appetizingly looking. Lastly, the grilling tong can stay conveniently steady when just held to prevent them from continuously turning when not needed.  

Wide Application - The easy-turn grill tong offers remarkable versatile usage that can flip, lift, transfer, and handle a variety of food in different sizes. Great for sausages, hotdogs, corncob, steaks, kebabs, skewers, chicken wings, chicken legs, big meat portions or a chunk of small meat, barbeque, and more possibilities. Making it the best arsenal for all your grilling and cooking needs at-home, BBQ night, camping, swimmings, restaurant, backyard grilling, and such.

Ergonomic Design - This multipurpose sausage turning tong is ideally lightweight and it supports a non-slip, ergonomic feature. Providing you a much secured gripping and optimal control without sacrificing your overall comfort. It also supplies a lengthened handle to keep your hands at an appropriate distance from the heat and fire for safety. Eliminating you from the risk of getting scorched and other possible injuries. The sausage tong adopts an excellent high temperature resistance that prevents it from melting, deforming, and damaging even with extreme heat. It also does not transfer the heat on the handle so you can still freely grill and hold it without any sort of discomfort or being burnt.  

Premium Quality - Made of high-quality, food-grade toughened stainless steel material with an exceptional easy flip performance and food handling. It also has great durability and heat-resistance that can hold out against multiple years of daily usage and exposure to fire without wearing-off. The easy-turn grill sausage tong supplies rust-resistance and is 100% BPA-free to ensure that no toxic leach and corrosion would occur. It has superior non-sticking qualities and is applicable for both hand washing and dishwashing use.


Material: Food-Grade Stainless Steel 
Size: 13.75 inches (H) x 9.25 inches (W) x 13.75 inches (D)


1 x  Sausage Turning BBQ Tongs