Maira Sofa


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Color: White


Beautiful Sofa made by hand. Material: glass fiber reinforced plastic base + high-grade goose down filling soft bag + sponge liner Color ① Primary color glass fiber reinforced plastic base + camel technology leather soft bag ② Primary color glass fiber reinforced plastic base + Peng Tai limited linen fabric soft bag ③ Black glass steel base + black calfskin soft bag imported from Italy Knead Sofa's uneven appearance like a work of art retains the traces of the designer's free fabrication, so that its separate placement can also bring the original ecological aesthetic feeling to the space, and have different impressions from different angles. Consists of glass fiber reinforced plastic and a soft bag. In terms of sitting Inside the soft bag, sponge is superimposed with high-grade goose down, which takes into account both elasticity and comfort.

Measure  W1800 X D1000 X H700 mm. Sitting height: 330mm Sitting depth: 600mm Sitting width: 1440mm

The Piece of art This collection is handcrafted in Glass fiber reinforced plastic, each product is a piece of art with which to elevate the design of your home. Let yourself fall in love with this sublime limited edition collection made manually by artisans.

size : W750 X D1000 X H780 mm