Hope Jar

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Each verse is made to inspire you, bring you a source of wisdom, and a wellspring of hope. As you read more from this jar, you'll find inspiration, comfort, and guidance from the timeless words of God himself.


Verses for any Mood - With six different colors for each negative mood, The Hope Jar inspires you with various powerful quotes from God, healing any negative moods.

More Healing. Less Stress. - As you open each verse, you'll find inspiration, comfort, and discover a deeper understanding in faith, as the words in the Bible aren't just words, but the very meaning of life itself. Easy to use, and seamlessly integrates to your daily routines.

Eliminate Bad Moods & Connect With God - Unwrapping God's words daily will bring you closer to God, as you heal and head towards a more inspired life. Made with premium glass material, designed to last permanently.


Material: glass
Color: as shown
Weight: 0.65lbs


1 x Hope Jar