Fruit Pencil Eraser

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Make mistakes disappear without effort only with this creative fruit-shaped pencil eraser!

A must-have eraser tool for many creatives featuring a cute 3D fruit/vegetable shape that boasts an excellent, quick erasing performance. It works effectively for removing unwanted writings or drawing errors made by pencils, charcoal, or graphite in just a few passes with spotless results. This eraser can be even used for manipulating graphite work and lightening overly shaded areas to achieve your ideal art effect. Available in bright-colored fruit/veggie selections, including carrot, strawberry, and mango. All eraser designs adopt great precision that can effortlessly correct bigger to smaller, detailed art mistakes exactly to your needed spots.

This artist-approved eraser is lightweight and it fits comfortably to the hands to provide more control and accurateness. It has a non-slip hold that can stay secured even for those creatives with wet or sweaty palms. No worries as it can rubbed smoothly against different paper types and correct mistakes without messy smearing and creating holes or scuffing. Moreover, the lovely fruit eraser comes in a large-size that can last through a variety of graphite art mediums. Making it an ideal helper for correcting innumerable mishaps and scrawls from drawing, writing, calligraphy, doodle, sketching, school projects, office works, and other creative arts.

Don’t let mistakes define your art and easily correct them with just a swipe of this fruit pencil eraser!


Remarkable Erasing Performance: A unique eraser tool designed in a cute, 3D fruit shape that works to reliably eliminate any mistakes made by a pencil on a paper. Its powerful erasing qualities can tackle different lead graphite and ensures to thoroughly remove unwanted writings in just a few passes with little pressure. Moreover, this fruit eraser supports great precision which lets you erase exactly on your needed spot that you needed to clean. Perfect for removing wider areas to the smallest of art details with great ease and speed. Saving you from the hassle of erasing other writings or parts of your work and from the non-stop scrubbing that only ends up scuffing the paper. Available in different brightly-colored fruits and a veggie selection, including carrot, strawberry, and mango.

Ergonomic Design: Comes in creative fruits and vegetable shape styles that fit nicely and are extra comfortable on the hand. All designs are ideally light and are specially crafted with a firmer and grippier surface for maximum control and to avoid slippage even for those with sweaty palms. This eraser can be used for different projects that need erasing without experiencing hand fatigue, soreness, and so on. It erases easily and effectively without creating rolled-on dirt clumps and smearing to keep your work completely tidy and your hands free from lead smudging. What’s more? The fruit eraser can slough off dirty surfaces while still remaining gentle on paper to prevent accidental over-erasing and making holes through.

Extra-Large Size: Provides a convenient large size that can equal 8 piece regular erasers. Allowing it to be used for a plethora of projects and lasts for several days without the need to constantly buy new ones. Making it a great companion for drawing, writing, calligraphy, doodle, sketching, school projects, office works, and more possibilities. No worries as this eraser can continuously rub against surface and erase mistakes while still staying cleaned unlike with other products.

Fun Gift Idea: Serves as a practical and useful present that can successfully remove pencil marks while making it more enjoyable. Great for children, students, professors, artists, writers, mangakas, and other more creatives. You can give it for regular days or even on special occasions like Christmas, new years, graduation, first day of school, birthdays, children’s parties, or be even used for exchange gifts, loot bags, party stuffer, and so much more.

Premium Quality: Made of high-quality, non-toxic ingredients with impressive erasing qualities and the perfect balance of flexibility and toughness. It can glide smoothly and be rubbed back and forth without breaking in half or small pieces. Furthermore, this eraser can work against different paper types without damaging your artwork. A great erasing tool that can accompany you from innumerable mishaps and scrawls.


Size: 1x2.9in(Carrot); 0.9x3in(Mango); 1.1x2.1in(Strawberry)
Style: Carrot / Strawberry / Mango


1 x Fruit Pencil Eraser